Spring 2024 LUF Leadership Development Online Course

Early April - Mid May, 2024 I Wednesday Evenings
Registration is now open for our Leadership Development On-Line Course for Fire-Rescue Leaders. The course includes eight modules of dynamic instruction, discussion and collaboration oriented on tactical leadership. The course group will meet via web platform on Wednesday evenings (1900 – 2115 EST) during the semester.
Course curriculum is modeled after the popular resident LUF Leadership Development Course which is held on The Farm in Western Maryland. Course themes include: The Moral Imperative of Leadership; Mission-Oriented Leadership; Development and Implementation of a Command Philosophy; and Optimizing Mental Performance. 
There is a corresponding reading and listening (podcasts) component. This is utilized in an effort to further explore the topics and provide real world application as well as a deeper dive into some of the topics than the Zoom session allows for. The course promises to challenge and equip leaders to THINK more critically about mission-oriented leadership and optimal performance in a HUMAN-centric fashion.

Registration is LIMITED to 20 leaders. 

2024 LUF Online Leadership Development Course For and By Emerging Leaders

February 29 - April 18, 2024 I Thursday Evenings

This LUF Course includes eight modules of dynamic instruction, discussion and collaboration oriented on the challenges and opportunities of being an emerging leader in today’s fire service. 

Course is uniquely built around the perspectives of emerging leaders with 5 – 10 years of job time from several different departments. It includes seven modules of instruction, discussion, and collaboration designed for leaders of all ranks and experience (inclusive of senior leaders) who are committed to preparing their young firefighters, units, and departments to gain and maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging operational environment.

Themes include enhancing tactical and human performance, embracing tradition while challenging the status quo, effectively learning from mistakes, building an actionable leadership and performance file cabinet, developing a leadership and performance philosophy that aligns with unit culture, and more.

Registration is LIMITED to 20 leaders. 

Learn more by listening to the LUF Podcast episode “Embracing Leadership Development to Meet Emerging Challenges with Jacob Dutton.”

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