Leadership Under Fire Book Club

January - March 2022

Since our formal inception nearly a decade ago, the Leadership Under Fire (LUF) team has championed professional reading. In early 2022, Leadership Under Fire will launch its inaugural LUF Book Club. Leadership Under Fire’s chief mentor, Jim Roussell, will serve as the LUF inaugural Book Club leader. The group will meet digitally via Zoom on a weeknight evening on six separate occasions and read two separate books. The first, a contemporary book about the impact and pace of technological change on our world and operational environment. The second, a book about a historical and transformative leader who propelled his institution through a series of uncomfortable changes that ensured they were well positioned to remain ultra-competitive against lethal adversaries. 

It is only fitting that LUF’s chief mentor Jim Roussell will serve as the club leader for the inaugural LUF Book Club given his infectious commitment to professional reading over the course his remarkable career in the USMC and Chicago PD. Jim will provide valuable insight on how to use professional reading to cultivate leadership, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving skills.   

Registration is limited to 15 leaders.

Fall 2021 LUF Optimizing Human Performance at Fires and Emergencies Online Course

October - December 2021

The LUF Optimizing Human Performance (OHP) Online Course includes eight modules of dynamic instruction, discussion and collaboration oriented on human performance in high-risk and ultra-competitive endeavors. 

The course group will meet via web platform weekly on selected evenings during the fall semester. The LUF OHP Course provides leaders with an improved understanding of the physiological, psychological, and cognitive impacts of operational and competitive stress. The course equips leaders with tools, concepts and strategies which optimize individual, team level and organizational performance. 

The LUF Advisory Cadre has considerable experience in optimizing human performance in the military, professional sport, the fire service, and other high-risk and ultra-competitive industries. 

Registration is limited to 20 leaders.

Fall 2021 LUF Leadership Development Online Course 2021High-Risk Industry Optimizing Human Performance Online Course

September - November 2021

The LUF Leadership Development Online Course includes eight modules of dynamic instruction, discussion and collaboration oriented on tactical leadership. The course group will meet via Zoom on Tuesday evenings (1900-2115) during the fall. The sessions will be recorded and all registrants will have access to the sessions.

Course curriculum is modeled after the popular resident LUF Leadership Development Course which is held on the Farm in Western Maryland. Course themes include: The Moral Imperative of Leadership; Mission-Oriented Leadership; Development and Implementation of a Command Philosophy; and Optimizing Mental Performance. 

The course promises to challenge and equip leaders to THINK about the moral, mental, and technical aspects of mission-oriented leadership and optimal performance in a way that no other program does. 

Registration is limited to 20 leaders.

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