Our Story and Philosophy

 In the fall of 2006, the daily levels of violence directed at U.S. Marines and the Iraqi citizens in Fallujah had spiked to record highs. Captain Jason Brezler and his team of Marines were tasked to partner with disenfranchised Sunni tribes and expel Al Qaeda foreign fighters. In spite of tremendous risk, further exacerbated by the lethal nature of urban combat, the Marines in Fallujah prevailed in fostering an “Awakening” that served to stabilize the city and dismiss Al Qaeda’s bid for control.

In 2007, Brezler and his Marines returned home to their respective professions as firefighters, athletic coaches, law enforcement officers and businessmen.  As they transitioned back to normal lives, they realized the lessons they learned under fire in the world’s most unforgiving environment had tremendous application to virtually every competitive endeavor – lessons about mission-oriented leadership, human performance, operational tempo, mental agility, moral fitness, risk and resiliency.

In early 2012, Brezler established Leadership Under Fire® as a formal company and began to grow the diverse team of leaders. Though diverse in experience, expertise and age, the LUF Team is committed to preparing leaders and organizations for the moral, physical and mental rigors critical to optimal performance and mission-oriented leadership in highly competitive settings.