The Human Performance Problem Set

High-risk activities and highly-competitive endeavors commonly transpire in complex settings where the consequences of losing are potentially catastrophic.  Leaders and personnel commonly function in a time-competitive and resource constrained competitive environment where uncertainty, friction and risk (physical and emotional) are pervasive.  Leaders in public safety, the military, sport and private industry have made great strides in advancing their understanding of the technical and physical sciences as they relate to performance but have devoted less attention to the scientific and philosophical disciplines that inform leaders on human behavior in high-risk endeavors.  In many instances and despite the best of intentions, leaders in high-risk and highly-competitive industries often seek to address performance and safety discrepancies with solutions that are not human performance based. 

The LUF Methodology

Leadership Under Fire programs provide leaders, coaches, managers and operators with a increasingly comprehensive understanding of human performance, particularly in high-risk settings.  LUF programs offer a unique departure from traditional training, development and safety programs – LUF programs are not merely a “how to” course, but rather an educational experience that challenges leaders to think differently about human performance and behavior in high-risk settings.  LUF programs equip leaders and organizations with human-centric processes, practices and techniques inherent to a tailored approach to optimizing human performance.

LUF Services and Programs

  • Leadership Development
  • Human Performance Optimization
  • Operational Risk Evaluation and Management
  • Human Factors Analysis – Post-Catastrophic Event
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mental Skills Tactical/Athletic Conditioning
  • Mental Health Strategies and PTSD Prevention
  • Mass Violence and Complex Attack Response Preparation
  • Operational Ethics

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