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LUF Resilience Summit Digital Package

The LUF Resilience Summit Digital Package explores resilience at the individual, team and organizational levels. It is designed for emergency responders, health care providers, military operators, mental health professionals and leaders in high-risk industries.

– Brendan Cawley, FDNY Firefighter and Black Sunday Survivor
– Dr. George Bonanno, Columbia University
– Jen Baker, Johns Hopkins University Athletics
– CWO5 James Roussell, USMC (Ret) & Chicago Police Department (Ret)
– Dr. Preston Cline & Coleman Ruiz, Mission-Critical Team Institute
– Lynn Vincent & Sara Vladic, Authors of the NY Times Bestseller Indianapolis

The digital package also includes complete transcripts, the LUF Resilience Workbook and a bonus video of Capt John Vigiano, FDNY offering a compelling reflection on risk and resilience. Proceeds from the sale of the Resilience Summit package are being donated to the Capt John T. Vigiano FDNY Family Transport Van.

Accessible with LUF Resilience Summit Digital Package.

White Paper: Preparing the American Fire Service for the Complex Attack

In the spring of 2017, Leadership Under Fire (LUF) in partnership with GRA Maven hosted a Complex Attack Think Tank in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of the two-day think tank was to examine the complex attack threat and identify operational and tactical procedures currently used by the fire service that may not align with the complex attack threat.

Accessible with Free Membership Plan or LUF Resilience Summit Digital Package.