Optimizing Human Performance

Preparing leaders and organizations for the mental, physical and moral rigors critical to optimal performance and mission-oriented leadership in highly-competitive settings.

Leadership and Development

Organizations actively seek to optimize performance, but frequently fail to develop mission- oriented leaders who capably and decisively influence people and processes in a competitive environment. Applying a comprehensive leadership philosophy that has generated results in combat, emergency operations, business and athletic endeavors, the Leadership Under Fire Team develops mission-oriented leaders by enhancing the mental, emotional, intellectual and moral qualities.  This unique approach to leadership development serves to optimize individual and organizational performance thus enabling leaders and organizations to maintain a competitive edge.

Human Performance Optimization

In many instances leaders and organizations attempt to address performance-based discrepancies with solutions that are not human performance based. The LUF Human Performance Optimization program comprehensively explores five critical components of human performance: 1) human factors and mindset; 2) psychological and physiological performance under stress; 3) decision making and risk-management; 4) functional fitness; 5) reflection and resiliency. The program equips leaders with a greater appreciation and understanding of human performance in order to optimize individual and organizational performance in a competitive environment.

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