The Leadership Under Fire Optimizing Human Performance Podcast provides a platform to prepare performance leaders to navigate the moral, mental, emotional, intellectual and physical rigors in high-risk and ultra-competitive settings by developing strength of mind, body, character and critical thought. The podcast features guests who are performance leaders in a myriad of industries and explores human performance at the tactical/individual level, the operational/team level as well as the organizational level. The LUF Human Performance podcast endeavors to synthesize ideas, concepts and practices from divergent industries where uncertainty, risk, time-pressure and resource limitations are pervasive, and the consequences of sub-optimal performance are severe.

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Career Reflection with FDNY Lt. Mickey Conboy

In 2018, the FDNY’s highest honor for the most outstanding act of heroism was awarded to Lieutenant Mickey Conboy. Lt. Conboy has more than 30 years with the FDNY. He is presently assigned to Rescue Co. #3 in the Bronx. Conboy previously served in Engine Co. 79, Ladder Co. 37 and Rescue Co. #3 as a firefighter and Squad Co. 41 as a Lieutenant. Conboy is an Adjunct Instructor at the FDNY Fire Academy and the FDNY’s Technical Rescue School. He was instrumental in the development of the course curriculum for the Firefighter Victim Removal training for FDNY Special Operations Command firefighters and officers. External recognition aside, he’s also experienced quiet moments of accomplishment and fulfillment in the fire service and in his personal life.

Life as Sport with Dr. Jonathan Fader

“Life As Sport.” It’s an approach to performance and everyday situations that Dr. Jonathan Fader strongly believes in based on his experience working with top athletes. Dr. Jonathan Fader is a licensed performance psychologist who served two seasons as the Director of Mental Conditioning for the New York Football Giants and also served as the team psychologist for the New York Mets for nine seasons. In this episode, we’ll unpack some the of skills Dr. Fader teaches professional athletes and find out more about how he is influenced by his experience working with high performers in various fields.

Love and War with Lynsey Addario

Our guest in this episode has spent two decades traveling to some of the most dangerous and remote areas of the world—masterfully capturing all facets of the human experience. Lynsey Addario is an American photojournalist whose work appears regularly in the New York Times, National Geographic and Time magazine. She’s covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur, and the Congo, and has received numerous awards, including the MacAthur Fellowship. In 2009, she was part of the New York Times team that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. She’s been kidnapped twice, nearly killed, married and had a son, but still is committed to documenting injustice in the world. Why does she do it? We’ll discuss this and more on the Leadership Under Fire Optimizing Human Performance Podcast.