Jen Baker

Jen Baker is a leadership development professional with experience across many industries, including the military, the corporate sector and athletics.   Her approach to leadership is an amalgamation of the breadth of this experience; she is focused on developing the skills needed to lead when it’s not otherwise easy to do so, and additionally on providing practical strategies and tools that can be implemented the very next day.  Jen focuses her efforts largely in athletics, where she creates programming that helps athletes and coaches hone leadership skills as part of the competitive experience.  She currently serves as a Senior Associate Athletics Director at Johns Hopkins University, where she oversees leadership development initiatives as part of her responsibility.  Previously, Jen founded and directed the Big Red Leadership Institute, Cornell’s comprehensive student-athlete leadership development program, and additionally does consulting work for athletics programs looking to launch, or enhance, leadership-focused programming.  Jen is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where she played lacrosse, and subsequently served on active duty for seven years as a pilot, and then an engineer.  She additionally holds two masters degrees from Cornell University, where she was a Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow, and continues to teach an undergraduate leadership course.