“See the World Differently” with LtCol Charlie Black, USMC (Ret)

2020-02-13-LUF-PODCAST-BLACK-v2 copy

In this episode of the Leadership Under Fire Optimizing Human Performance Podcast, we welcome back to the show LtCol Charlie Black, USMC (Ret). Black was featured on the podcast in early February 2020 in episode #27 where he discussed leadership in a rapidly changing environment. Shortly after the episode aired, all of our lives were drastically impacted by world-changing events including the tragic loss of life and economic effects of a global pandemic to civil unrest. 2021—and so far 2022—have brought on significant worldwide challenges as well such as America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Since Black is  a dynamic, transformative and futures-oriented leader with over thirty five years of diverse global experience and proven talent for cultivating winning and resilient teams that attain favorable futures in an accelerating and turbulent world, the Leadership Under Fire Team thought it would be fitting to invite him back on the show.