Revisiting the Contributions and Legacy of Charles “Sid” Heal


The original broadcast date for this episode was November 7, 2019. Charles “Sid” Heal was much more than a subject matter expert on doctrine – he was a US Marine Chief Warrant Officer 5, a combat veteran of four conflicts to include Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom, a veteran LA County Sheriff and pioneer in the fields of special tactics and tactical science, a dynamic speaker, and a published author, and a carpenter. Sid was gregarious, kind, and a true gentleman. He possessed an unrivaled amount of physical energy and a contagious spirit of intellectual curiosity that naturally complimented his inordinate operational experience. Our team was extremely saddened to learn of Sid’s sudden passing on May 24, 2022. His departure came as a shock to his family and all of those who loved him, as well as all of those of us who benefited from his wisdom – wisdom that was undoubtedly an anchor in disorienting, complex and lethal environments. Sid would commonly say, “the principles of optimal human performance are universal – it is the application that is contextual.” Our team was honored and blessed to have Sid shape our approach to preparing leaders and operators to perform optimally, under pressure. We are forever grateful for Sid’s tutelage and his ability to “humanize the narrative.”