Revisiting Mental Sweat with Mental Performance Coach Hannah Huesman


The original broadcast date for this episode was October 24, 2019. It features Hannah Huesman who was a Mental Performance Coach with the Philadelphia Phillies at the time of this recording. Huesman has since accepted the role of Mental Performance Coordinator for the Texas Rangers Organization. She also travels for speaking engagements on how training your mental skills can help ANY performer. She has worked with the FDNY, MLB, business executives, actors, and athletes of all ages. She is also the host of #MentalSweatMonday on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is a one-minute video, posted every Monday, of different strategies to help you work on your mental game. LUF Podcast host and producer Patti Murphy caught up with Hannah recently to discuss her endeavors since 2019. So, first you’ll hear that discussion, followed by the original conversation.