Remembering FDNY Captain Timothy M. Stackpole


In this episode of the Leadership Under Fire Optimizing Human Performance Podcast, we’re honored to bring you the inspiring story of FDNY Captain Timothy Stackpole—told by his family, friends and fellow firefighters who were influenced by his leadership. On June 5‚ 1998‚ Timothy Stackpole was severely injured in a fifth alarm fire in Brooklyn. Two of his fellow Firefighters were killed, and more injured in a collapse at the operation. Stackpole spent more than two months in the Weill Cornell Burn Center with fourth and fifth degree burns over 30% of his body. He endured many surgeries and years of grueling rehabilitation. During that time, he had two goals: to recover and spend as much time as he could with his family‚ and to return full-duty to the job he loved. Against popular opinion‚ he succeeded. On March 10‚ 2001‚ Stackpole returned to his job as an FDNY Lieutenant. He was promoted to Captain on September 6‚ 2001‚ and was off-duty‚ the morning of September 11th. Of course, he responded. Stackpole was one of the hundreds of FDNY members who answered the call after the World Trade Center was struck by two airplanes — and one of the 343 who were killed when the Twin Towers collapsed. Timothy Stackpole was a devoted husband, loving father and courageous firefighter. It has been said, Stackpole was a hero, not only because of how he died but more importantly‚ because of how he lived.