Navigating Risk: Stories with Renowned Skier, Mountaineer and Climber Craig Calonica

Our accomplished expert in this episode is former US speed skier, mountaineer, and climber, Craig Calonica. Craig is a world-renowned adventurer who has great insight on risk and leadership. He has four decades of experience navigating daring and dangerous assents and descents in some of the most extreme alpine locations in the world—creating and breaking records in the process. He currently runs a cutting-edge helicopter skiing operation in the Himalayas and is originally from Lake Tahoe, California. 

In the summer of 2021, Calonica regaled podcast host Patti Murphy with stories of some of his incredible high-altitude experiences. We hope to have him back on the podcast in the future to unpack his philosophies on navigating risk and building resilience, but for now we’re honored to share his powerful accounts of adventuring in complex outdoor environments that showcase extraordinary aspects of human endurance and the human spirit.