LUF Virtual Fireside Chat Series featuring FDNY Lieutenants Danny Murphy & Dennis Gordon (Ret)–Part I


This episode is part one of two. What you’re about to hear is a recording of a live event. The “Fireside Chat” has become a staple of Leadership Under Fire leadership development and human performance resident programs. The conversation affords seasoned leaders the opportunity to candidly reflect on leadership lessons and human performance principles resulting from the many wins and losses they’ve experienced. In 2021, the LUF Team decided to launch a Virtual Fireside Chat series hosted by LUF Senior Man Jim McNamara. LUF’s first Virtual Fireside Chat took place in New York City in early June and featured FDNY retired lieutenants Danny Murphy and Dennis Gordon. Both leaders spent more than three decades serving and leading in the FDNY’s busiest companies. In addition to possessing high levels of tactical expertise, both leaders were highly regarded for their calm demeanor and decisiveness at complex fires and emergencies where members were operating under considerable pressure. Both leaders were instrumental in the development of countless firefighters and young fire officers.