Optimal Human Performance During the FDNY War Years with DC Joseph DiBernardo (Ret), Capt Louie Andrade (Ret)—Part I


This episode is part one of two, and is a recording of a live event. The “Fireside Chat” has become a staple of Leadership Under Fire leadership development and human performance resident programs. In early 2021, the LUF Team decided to launch a Virtual Fireside Chat series where LUF Senior Man Jim McNamara hosts candid conversations with seasoned leaders and human performance thought leaders. Leadership Under Fire’s second Virtual Fireside Chat featured FDNY retirees Deputy Chief Joseph DiBernardo and Captain Louie Andrade. Captain Andrade entered the ranks of the FDNY in 1957 after having served in the United States Marine Corps. Andrade was a Lieutenant in Engine Co. 82 at the height of the War Years in the South Bronx. He later served as the Captain in Engine 69 in Harlem and Engine 320 in Queens. Deputy Chief Joe DiBernardo was appointed to the FDNY in 1966 following combat service in the US Army. Chief DiBernardo’s career included service in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn. He spent the final fifteen years of his career as a deputy chief in the Bronx’s 6th Division. Both leaders have been instrumental in the development of countless firefighters, fire officers and chief fire officers.