Leading in a Rapidly Changing World with LtCol Charlie Black, USMC


Charlie Black is retired Marine Corps Officer with diverse experiences that span over three decades of service on four continents with conventional and special operations forces. His mission-focused leadership consistently enabled success in the most demanding and uncertain environments by building resilient and adaptive teams. For close to a decade since active service, he has pursued a range of endeavors from executive leadership in a non-profit and commercial business, laboratory research to graduate teaching. He regularly speaks and writes on the disruptive, turbulent and unpredictable nature of our world and what is required to successfully navigate the fog of uncertainty, especially those in leadership positions. He is the Co-Founder and a Managing Partner at Xundis Global—a niche trans-disciplinary consultancy focused on organizational change and plural futures. He also is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Joint Special Operations University, US Special Operations Command. Charlie serves an Operational Leadership Advisor for Leadership Under Fire.