Leadership Under Fire with FDNY FF and USMC Major Jason Brezler


Jason Brezler is the Founder and President of Leadership Under Fire (or LUF). In this episode, we’ll get to share how Leadership Under Fire came to be and how the LUF endeavor has evolved over time. We’ll also learn how Jason’s personal experiences have influenced his views on how to develop leaders and optimize human performance. Jason serves as a FDNY Special Operations Firefighter in Rescue Company 2 in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to becoming a firefighter and creating the Leadership Under Fire Team, Jason began his career as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. He’s led Marines on several deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan where he was decorated for his combat service. Jason holds a masters degree from Oklahoma State University. He completed his undergraduate degree at the United States Naval Academy where he also played Division 1 baseball for the Midshipmen.