John Boyd, a Fast Corvette and a Faster Fighter Jet with COL Ronald E. Catton, USAF (Ret.)


This episode features the recording of a discussion that was held at the 2018 Leadership Under Fire National Conference in Evanston, Illinois. The team was grateful to all of the leaders who contributed to the event and the types of individuals who spent two days rigorously contemplating the moral, mental and physical aspects of mission-oriented leadership and optimal human performance. Of course, that includes our guest in this episode, retired Colonel Ronald Catton. 

Catton was a graduate and instructor of the US Air Force Fighter Weapons School. He was the first of only two students to ever complete the course with a 100 percent score in all academic subjects. Catton also flew with legendary Colonel John Boyd, then the chief of academics at the Weapons School. He served in the Vietnam War, flying hundreds of missions and later flew hundreds of airshows, including those with the Thunderbirds.