From the Military to the Greatest Job on Earth – FDNY FF Exam Info Session


The filing period for the FDNY Firefighter Open Competitive exam #4044 opened on Monday, June 24, 2024. The last filing period was in 2017. The path to joining the Greatest Job on Earth is competitive and tedious – it requires both perseverance and patience. That is why the Leadership Under Fire Team and Paddy Brown Program hosted an information session to educate and encourage those military service members and veterans desiring to join the FDNY as well as those who are considering military service prior to joining the FDNY. The conversation featured the perspectives of several current FDNY members whose path to the FDNY was shaped by their military service. The conversation also provided insight into the FDNY’s hiring process, employment requirements, the professional benefits of military service, and commentary on military veterans who have served our Nation and FDNY with distinction.      

Of note: The Notice of Examination for Exam #4044 was released after the conversation was recorded. Subsequently, those who are interested in joining the FDNY are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the NOE prior to filing for the exam.