Fire in My Eyes with Paralympian LT Brad Snyder, US Navy EOD

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Leadership Under Fire Human Performance Data Analyst Timothy Clarke guest hosts this episode of the Optimizing Human Performance Podcast featuring Brad Snyder. Brad is a multi-time Paralympic Gold Medalist in swimming and triathlon. In September 2011, while serving in the US Navy, Brad stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan rendering him completely blind. It wasn’t long before Brad found a new purpose and dedicated himself to competing at the 2012 London Paralympics the following summer winning a gold medal in swimming. Brad repeated this feat at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Paralympics, but decided to switch gears this year in Tokyo competing instead at the sport of triathlon. All told Brad has won six gold and two silver medals at the Paralympics. Brad is a US Naval academy graduate and author of the book Fire in My Eyes: An American Warrior’s Journey from Being Blinded on the Battlefield to Gold Medal Victory. Brad is also currently pursuing a PhD at Princeton in Public Policy.