Delivering Critical Care Under Pressure in NYC and Around the World with Chris Summers


Chris Summers is a Physician Assistant, Critical Care Specialist and Quality Assurance and Education Coordinator, who has practiced cardiothoracic surgery and critical care medicine in New York City for the past 14 years. He is a veteran of the US Coast Guard stationed in the North Atlantic and a former New York City Paramedic that has responded to countess catastrophes both on land and at sea. Chris is a co-founder of NYC Medics, a globally recognized disaster response group and serves as a medical provider, clinical supervisor, and logistics coordinator. He has extensive international experience working in remote and austere locations within disaster zones and specializes in emergency medical care, disaster management, systems development, medical, surgical and MCI education, as well as coaching and simulation training. He recently returned from two deployments with NYC Medics to Mosul, Iraq where NYC Medics was running Trauma Stabilization Points on the front lines in the war against Isis. Chris’s unique and diverse experience in public service helped him to develop a high degree of resilience and small unit leadership skills while operating in hostile environments and high-pressure situations.