Cultivating Personal and Team Resilience with Jennifer Baker


In this episode, you’ll hear the final installment of a recording captured in 2019 at a Leadership Under Fire Summit in Annapolis, Maryland. This talk is a departure from the interviews featured on this podcast and offers a glimpse into how the LUF team approaches advancing leadership and optimizing human performance under fire during scheduled events and seminars. The presenter you’ll hear in this episode is Jennifer Baker, who currently is the Director of Athletics and Recreation at Johns Hopkins University. She was promoted to the role on August 6, 2019. Prior to this, Baker served as Hopkins’ Senior Associate Director of Athletics since September 2017. Baker is a co-founder of Athletics Leadership Consulting, whose mission is to make leadership development accessible to all athletes, coaches and organizational support staff. The group leverages athletics as a tool for leadership education as it designs and delivers original content that allows athletes to develop leadership and teamwork skills as an integrated component of their competitive experience. Baker graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a degree in aerospace engineering and was a member of the Academy’s women’s lacrosse club team. After the Naval Academy, Baker spent seven years in the Navy, including three years as a pilot and four as a construction manager and facilities engineer. She later earned an MBA and a master’s in mechanical engineering from Cornell.

Click here to view the workbook Baker references in the episode.