The Problem Set:

Business operations and activities transpire in a complex and dynamic environment in which leaders and personnel are expected to generate results despite uncertainty, friction, time pressure and risk.  The challenges inherent to business operations have been further exacerbated by austerity measures, increased automation, amplified media scrutiny and ever-increasing demands from both clients and investors.  Organizations actively seek to optimize performance, but frequently fail to develop mission-oriented leaders who capably and decisively influence people and processes in a competitive environment.

The LUF Methodology:

Leadership Under Fire programs provide business leaders with a comprehensive understanding of human performance and mission-oriented leadership.  Our programs offer a unique departure from traditional programs – the LUF Leadership Development Program is not a “how to” training course for corporate leaders and managers, but rather an educational experience that challenges leaders to think differently about leadership and performance.  Our leadership development curriculum includes dynamic lectures and presentations, group discussions, focus group exercises and challenging team-building exercises.  The LUF Leadership Development Program equips leaders with processes, practices and techniques inherent to a tailored philosophy that fosters optimal human performance.

The LUF End-State:

Applying a leadership philosophy and comprehensive approach that has generated results in ultra-competitive and high-risk environments, the Leadership Under Fire Team develops mission-oriented leaders by enhancing the mental, emotional, intellectual and moral qualities.  This unique approach to leadership development serves to optimize individual and organizational performance thus enabling businesses to gain and maintain a competitive edge.