Burn the Boats with LT Jason Leone, Baltimore City FD


Lieutenant Jason Leone started his career with the Baltimore City Fire Department in 2010 and is currently assigned to Rescue Company 1. Prior to promotion, he was a firefighter in Truck Co. 23 and an Emergency Vehicle Driver in Truck Companies 23 and 6. Jason is a member of the BCFD’s Special Operations team and is an adjunct instructor at the Fire Academy. Jason is a former Captain Timmy Stackpole LUF Scholar recipient. 

This conversation you are about to hear was delivered during an online LUF Leadership Development Course to which Jason contributed. The final module of the course is dedicated to an examination of mission-oriented risk and resilience, specifically “what science, history, and experience” informs us about what happens when we compete to win and lose. Jason candidly reflects on his professional and personal journey following the Stricker Street fire which claimed the lives of Lieutenant Paul Butrim and Firefighters Kelsey Sadler and Kenny Lacayo in January 2022.