The Problem Set:

Athletes, coaches and program directors operate in a highly competitive setting where uncertainty, vulnerability, and friction are expected and overwhelmingly pervasive. In this environment the emphasis placed on effective leadership is magnified. All members of teams, including staff, must balance individual goals for current competition but also manage future aspirations within, and outside of, their sport. Coaches, athletes and contributing members of leadership groups are in many cases expected to be the pulse of their teams, dynamically leading groups of athletes and driving the team towards success. In many cases this expectation can be daunting as it involves leveraging, influencing, motivating, and communication abilities; skills which may not be explicitly or robustly developed.

LUF Solution:

The Leadership Under Fire (LUF) Optimizing Human Performance (OHP) program provides coaches and athletes on high-performing teams with a Team of dedicated advisors who seek to understand the complexities of each team and the challenges facing leaders and coaches. The Advisory Team will construct an action plan to produce sustaining growth and results. The LUF program devotes considerable attention to the mental aspect of operational performance while blending science, applied research and best practices.

"The LUF Team enhanced the attitude of our players and their work ethic. They were instrumental in fostering a greater commitment to "the why" and the mental side of the game. Their efforts enabled our players to take their game to the next level."
- Billy McCreary, General Manager, ISS Kings