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The Leadership Under Fire National Conference:

Leadership Under Fire National Conferences feature accomplished leaders with wide ranging operational experiences in combat, competitive sports, law enforcement and the fire-rescue service. Conference topics rigorously examine: leadership development, risk management, tactical/functional fitness, resiliency, tactical/athletic discipline, mental toughness and tempo.

Conference speakers and panelists have included Mr. Sandy Alderson, General Manager of the New York Mets; Coach Bob Hurley Sr, Saint Anthony; Ms. Lynsey Addario, The New York Times / National Geographic conflict photojournalist; Navy SEAL Commanders and distinguished members of the Leadership Under Fire Team.

Sandy Alderson, General Manager, New York Mets

Sandy Alderson

Coach Bob Hurley Sr., St. Anthony

Coach Bob Hurley, Sr.

Lynsey Addario, The New York Times, National Geographic

Lynsey Addario

Since its formal inception in 2012 Leadership Under Fire has hosted a national conference each year. The conference has previously been held in Philadelphia, PA; Hagerstown, MD and Bowie, MD. The location and speakers vary from year to year, but the intent of the conference remains the same...

The Leadership Under Fire National Conference seeks to prepare leaders and organizations for the moral, physical and mental rigors critical to peak performance and mission-oriented leadership in highly-competitive settings.

Video and Audio from previous LUF National Conferences: