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Tara Stackpole, VP, Captain Timmy Stackpole Foundation

Tara Carlton Stackpole was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She married FF Timothy Stackpole, FDNY in June of 1985. In June 1998, Lt Timmy Stackpole was severely burned at The Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Timmy spent two months in New York Presbyterian Weill-Cornell Burn Center undergoing multiple surgeries and treatments. He then spent three years rigorously recovering from his injuries with his wife and children's support. Against tremendous odds, Timmy returned to full-duty in 2001 and was promoted to Captain. On September 11, 2001, Capt Timmy Stackpole responded to the World Trade Center attacks with Battalion Chief Dennis Cross - Timmy, BC Cross and 341 other members of the FDNY were killed in the performance of their duties. Timmy and Tara had five children ranging in age from 18 to 6 at the time of Timmy's death. Tara spent the years following 9/11 honoring Timmy's sacrifice by serving other widows and the greater FDNY in many roles all while raising their children. Tara was instrumental in the development of a Family Advisory Board that identified the physical and psychological needs of widows and families in the aftermath of the attacks. She was also instrumental in the development of Family Assistance Unit that remains in place today to address the long-term needs of all line-of-duty families. All of Timmy and Tara's five children have honored their father's legacy and their mother's lifelong commitment to service by pursuing public or military service.