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• NOVEMBER 11, 2013
Bluffton Today: "Bluffton Township Fire District to honor veterans"...

"The Bluffton Township Fire District will be honoring American veterans by wearing a digital camouflage T-shirt with the BTFD logo on it the week of Veterans day. The shirts will also be on sale for the public with the proceed going to the Hope for the Warriors 'Paddy Brown Program'..."
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• FEBRUARY 28, 2013

Leadership Under Fire is pleased to announce a donation in the amount of $1,000 in memory of Lt Robert Neary and FF Daniel Sweeney of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

The donation was made to the Local 22 Widow's Fund and the Daniel Sweeney Scholarship Fund and is compliments of proceeds from the 2012 "Making Yourself Hard to Kill" Conference.

• FEBRUARY 5, 2013

Leadership Under Fire and Crowntown FOOLS are honored to announce that a $500 donation in Memory of Lt Patrick Sullivan of Ladder Co. 58, FDNY has been made to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Lt Sullivan passed away in June of 2012 as a result of a 9/11 related illness. Lt Sullivan was a man of immense physical strength and durability. He was equally strong in a mental regard and anyone who ever had the privilege of operating in his presence at a working fire knows that cool, calm and composed under fire was his custom. Lt Sullivan held our nation's combat veterans in the highest regard and it is fitting that his legacy of service honor our nation's wounded warriors.

• SEPTEMBER 7, 2012
Margin of Excellence features Leadership Under Fire, Inc.:

"Today's interview is with Jason Brezler. Jason is a firefighter in the FDNY, a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps, and founder of Leadership Under Fire, an organization dedicated to improving the leadership and the fire-fighting tactics of the Fire Service..." Read Full Article